Light detection

SOLEMS light detection expertise

Thanks to an original photosensitive components technology, SOLEMS offers :

  • Visible light sensors (400-750nm) for lux measurements, down to 4 lux, or laser detection
  • Larger spectrum sensors for solar irradiation measurements, PAR measurements (Photosynthesis Active Radiation), including weatherproof products, for outdoor use
  • Large area sensors for visible light integration
  • Original Position Sensors : PSD, and patterned sensors

With the following advantages

  • A production in France of thin film photodiodes having a spectral response near the human and the plants
  • A versatile production : standard and custom sized sensors up to 30 x 30 cm.
  • An amorphous silicon technology having a great dynamic in light detection from 4 to 120 000 lux.
  • Characterization tools for evaluation of the sensor performances.