Sizing of a customer-specific solar cell or module

SOLEMS makes customer specific solar cells and modules (up to 10Wp) : Voltage and dimensions can be adjusted with great freedom.
Send your request with Solar cell or module quotation request

Our software will calculate the electrical parameters of the new solar module.

Designing a photovoltaic system

For a calculation of your PV generator : download and fill our PV sizing specification form

SOLEMS helps you fit a photovoltaic solution for stand-alone electrical products (product designers, OEM, distributors, maintenance companies…)

  • More freedom,
  • Less maintenance,
  • More environmental concern.


If SOLEMS performs your PV calculations, you are on the safe side : the solar module, the battery and the other components are able to fulfill your requirement.

  • A solar product is successful when :
    the energy need is well known and under control
  • the calculation has been made by a specialist like SOLEMS
  • the solar modules and other components are well suited
  • installation is well done according to the recommendations

Steps of our PV system simulation service (free of charge) :

You download/fill/send us the file PV sizing specification form

  • We analyze your requirement, help you to make energy savings, to reduce the device consumption (stand-by mode, low consumption components …)
  • With all the electrical and climatic data, we calculate the best PV system
  • We offer a technical solution : voltage, solar module, rechargeable battery, regulator, converter…
  • We help you setting up the PV system into your product or as a stand alone equipment

Everything is taken into account : temperature, solar irradiation of the spot, electrical consumptions of each function, influence of dirt …

More details on : Calculation of a PV stand alone