SOLEMS photovoltaic expertise

In order to solar-power an electrical device, SOLEMS offers :

  • Review and optimization of customer specifications
    Advice on consumption reduction, low power components, optimized duty cycles
  • Photovoltaic system calculation
    (see below)
  • Design of an adequate solution fitting the customers product
    Panel and battery compatible with the housing, ultra-thin cell, charge controller …. Etc
  • Production of the dedicated cell or photovoltaic panel
    (standard or custom-size)
  • Solar cells, modules, and  PV systems
  • Follow-up and partnership for product evolution or creation

SOLEMS strength

  • A production in France of thin-film solar cells and small photovoltaic modules
  • A versatile production : any voltage and size up to 30 x 30 cm². Mechanically and electrically adapted to the need.
  • An amorphous silicon technology especially efficient under low illumination (indoor light, cloudy weather, not optimal exposure).
  • Design tools to forsee the performance of the panels under real conditions and calculate energy balance.

The products ?

  • Solar cells for electronic devices
  • Small photovoltaic panels for standalone equipments
  • Off-grid autonomous low PV power systems (< 1kW)
  • Custom specific

Sizing of a stand-alone solar

Pour commencer :

Begin by downloading and filling the file : PV sizing form -> PV_sizing_form_en.pdf disponible sur

Sizing a PV system, is setting up a detailled energy balance, month by month, in order to make sure the solar panels, batteries and controller suit :

  • the consumption of your devices, and
  • the solar energy available.

Nothing is left to chance : temperature, solar irradiation of the spot, lifetime, electrical consumption of each and every function … every detail is taken into account.

More : Calculation of a PV stand alone

Rely on SOLEMS for the calculation of your PV power supply is a guarantee of success.


To learn a little more on solar photovoltaic energy basics, see Solar electricity basics