SOLEMS light detection cells

These cells are built for easy light sensing : direct conversion of light into electricity is used to MEASURE light intensity.

Added value :

  • Amorphous silicon alone can convert VERY LOW light levels below 1000 lux
  • SOLEMS solar cells short circuit current is proportional to light intensity from 0 to 120 000 lux
  • PAR radiation, used by photosynthesis is also achievable, having a very similar in spectral response.

See Light detection examples

  • Visible light detection : 400 – 700 nm
  • Adequate for lux and PAR measurement
  • Glass substrates, square or rectangular shape, thickness 1.1 or 0.55mm
  • Dimensions from 6 to 300 mm
  • Electronic indoor type of use*

*For weatherproof detectors, see : PAR sensors and luxmeters and Solar radiation measurement



DETECTION CELLS leaflet : All cells made up to June 2013
Application memo : Measurement of lux : How to use a SOLEMS detection cell for lux measurement
Article sur les détecteurs quantiques – in french – with advice and tricks to built and use PAR and solar radiation sensors made from SOLEMS or crystalline cells