SOLEMS high-tech materials : the silicon-based thin-film semiconductors and alloys, intrinsic or doped, the transparent conducting oxides, the ultra-thin metallic coatings, as well as their physical, optical and electronic properties require scientific and technological knowledge in many fields :

  • Solid-state physics,
  • Semi-conductor physics,
  • PVD and PECVD thin-film coatings
  • Opto-electronic properties
  • Thermal and mechanical behaviour
  • Climatic aging …

This research and development activities are very active both inside SOLEMS and through our partnerships, and research programs both at the national and European level.

French partner laboratories

  • Laboratoire GEEPS, Génie électrique et électronique de Paris, Centrale-Supélec
  • LPICM , Laboratoire de Physique des Interfaces et des Couches Minces, à l’École Polytechnique
  • INES, institut de l’énergie solaire
  • Divers laboratoires du CNRS, ICMCB à Bordeaux, LAAS à Toulouse
  • Météo-France, INRA, centres de Grignon et d’Avignon notamment

European projects

  • SOLINOX Projet Euréka : Cellules solaires sur inox pour applications horlogères, 1997-2000
  • EUROPSB, European Polymer Solar Battery, 2002-2005 on polymer flexible solar cells connected to thin-film batteries
  • NANOEFFECTS, Nanocomposite with High Colouration Efficiency for Electrochromic Smart Plastic Devices, 2004-2007, on special oxides layers for electrochromic devices
  • INNOSHADE Innovative Switchable Shading Appliances based on Nanomaterials and Hybrid Electrochromic Device Configurations, 2008-2012, still about electrchromic organic applications
  • SMART-EC, Heterogeneous integration of autonomous smart films based on electrochromic transistors, 2010-2014,
  • EnSO, Energy for Smart Objects, 2016-2020

 ANR projects (French « Agence Nationale pour la Recherche »)

  • ATOS, Association Tandem Optimisées pour le Solaire, 2005-2008
  • SOLHYPIN, Cellules pin hybrides, 2008-2011