Applications Areas

Pools and windows shutters

Electrical shutters on windows and outdoor pools are comfortable and easy to use. An built-in solar power supply is consistent with an intensive summer service. When this solar supply is customized and integrated to the product, all ugly and costly electrical connections are avoided. And the service provided is green and durable.


Evaluate the parameters of our environment is a key issue for our present and fuure. SOLEMS solar panels feed many devices measuring, storing and exchanging data such as temperature, pressure, wind, dust… etc… With no maintenance for at least 3 /5 years.

Security & Telecom

Decrease the maintenance costs and get a reliable autonomous energy with a return of investment of a several years is the goal of many operators of security and communication networks. With detailed calculations of the panels productivity according to the specifications, and reliable products, SOLEMS can allow them to reach this goal.

Wireless and IOT

Wireless objects are everywhere. Connected or not, they offer more and more functions. When located indoor, powering them is a real issue. SOLEMS solar cells, with excellent « indoor » performances thanks to its unique technology, are capable to produce electricity to those low consumption objects. Primary batteries are not long lasting and grid connection of smart objects is far too complicated. So SOLEMS custom-sized PV cells are a good solution.


Helping the teaching of solar energy technologies in schools and colleges, thanks to real products to be tested and analyzed by the students, is one of the objectives of SOLEMS. A better knowledge of these renewable energies will help their development.

Arts and design

SOLES cells are also rather beautiful and the solar technology, somehow « magical » is a source of inspiration for creative people. Some of them imagine original and wonderful solar sculptures or mobiles. With quite often some potential commercial development attached.

Innovative products, new R&D projects

SOLEMS innovative products and projects







Customer Testimonials

Marius C.

Head of R&D department, Weather instruments company

We are building and selling sensing instruments : photometers, anemometers, etc… and weather stations for more than 20 years. We found in SOLEMS a very accurate technical support, adequate, reliable, and competitive solar products filling our precise needs. We are working with them ever since their foundation I believe! We recommend them without hesitating, for the products, the advice supplied by real professional people in solar energy.

Patrick P.

SME founder

Our job is to monitor the collapsing risks of some buildings, churches, castles, bridges… etc. Movement sensors are placed on the cracks, the measurements picked up every hour stored and sent to a data logger. The electrical grid is not always available. In that case, we place a PV solar power supply designed and supplied by SOLEMS.
We have been working with them for about 10 years. The systems have excellent lifetime and perfectly fulfill our needs. The PV calculation software they use defines a system adapted to the electrical power needed and the solar energy available on the spot.
Besides the excellent telephone reception, SOLEMS supplies the calculation and the quotation in a very short delay. The material is also delivered according to the schedule. We are very satisfied and recommend this supplier.

Isabelle M.

Product designer

PV solar power has been identified as the best energy source for our window blinds small motors. Above all because it avoids cabling from the house’s grid, resulting in an easier and cheaper installation. SOLEMS developed for us a custom sized panel; fitting our housings and power needs.
Thanks to the high sensitivity of the SOLEMS silicon technology in low light environment the autonomy is excellent under any weather conditions, even in winter.
SOLEMS is a good specialist in that area. They are reactive in their advice and follow up.

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