Oxides in thin films

  • VSnO2:F e.g. FTO Fluorine-doped tinoxide
  • ITO e.g. Indium tin oxide
  • ZnO e.g. Zinc oxide, Aluminium-doped or else

are transparent and conductive materials – TCO = Transparent Conductive Oxide – used as electrodes and substrates in many applications such as thin film solar cells, organic and inorganic, LCDs, flat screens, electrochromic devices, buiding glazing …

Often produced on glass, they are also available on plastics in some cases : OLEDs, flexible displays, ophtalmic needs …

For a few years, SOLEMS has been developping an expertize first as a user, then as a producer of these materials, by REACTIVE SPUTTERING (with oxygen)



  • LOW TEMPERATURE process, compatible with many substrates, plastic films and sheets.
  • High film density
  • High deposition rates






Short TCO leaflet : All TCOs available with prices – updated July 2018
Product code Material Characteristics
FTOAGC80 SnO2:F 70-90 ohms thickness 80nm, on 1.1mm-thick glass
FTO TEC 7 / 3.1 SnO2:F 7-10 ohms thickness 600nm on 3.1mm-thick glass
ITO SOL 30 ITO 25-35 ohms thickness 100nm on glass 1.1mm
ITOSOL12 ITO NEW ! 8 – 12 ohms thickness 370nm on glass 1.1mm
custom ITO ITO on your substrates : glass, silica, polymers … ITOSOL layer or other specifications on request

Apply to us for any specific request or cutting in small substrates.