Examples of equipments powered by SOLEMS cells or modules … the products shown here are our customer’s : in case of interest, SOLEMS will give you their contact.

Swiming pool water purifier

ioniseur-net-eau-pleco-60_bigIt is a small water purifier, independant, light and water-borne, combining solar energy generation and ionisation. This allows a healthy and efficient water treatment, without any secondary effects. Ionisation destroys bacteries and moisture; and the generated ions remain efficient during several weeks. Moreover, by avoiding 80 to 100% of chorine in the pool, it reduces the risk of eye irritations, dry skin and allergies.

Self-controlled lightning surge


Prev_legThis lightning surge controls itself that its striking device is working properly, without access nearby.

The control unit is made of a test circuit, included inside the surge, and of an external module with a solar panel and an external communication device, located at the bottom of the surge.

The test is driven from the ground or from the roof, thanks to a specific remote control unit. The surge indicates its working state by lighting bright LEDs under the housing.

Surge protector monitor


More reliability in the electricity supply and less maintainance costs are permanent concerns of utilities and end-users. This new control device for surge protectors is more than just a counter : it measures and registers all the events occuring on the high voltage grid. They can be read aferwards by a wireless transmission unit.

Thus, it is possible to ensure the good health of a sub-station by informing and identifying any malfunctioning.

Emergency call Units

The emergency phones on highway sides : how many lives saved ?


For the highway companies, it is often mandatory to keep off-grid these emergency call units, (ECU) for security reasons.

The solution with a small solar module, and a long-lasting rechargeable has now proven its competitivity : 5 years without any visit, often more.

Safe power and less maintainance at the same time.

LEDs illuminated road sign

IMGP1092_optWith low consumption LEDs and an optimized blinking mode, these road signs are compatible with solar modules of reasonable power : reliability and simplicity are the direct consequence of the use of photovoltaics in that case, provided the calcuation and the set up of the modules and batteries have been made by a professionnal.

Wireless transmssion on a buoy


This buoy installed in the port of Douarnenez carries a communication device ensuring data transmission between sensors placed under the sea and the office sitting on the earth.

8 modules 20W, connected 2 by 2 in 24VDC are feeding the system. (Ifremer picture)

Defect detector on electrical lines

detecteur_directionnel_aerienThese detectors are used on the high-tension overhead cables of electricity supply. They are placed on the cable poles. Their function is to control the quality of the current flowing in the lines. When a defect occurs, they identify the type of problem and send a flashing beam of light and the event is registered on the built-in memory and can be consulted. The solar power supply, made of 2 little modules on both sides of the cabinet and a Cyclon battery, gives an autonomy greater than 5 years without any visit.

Auto-darkening welding helmets

CasqueWelding in perfectly safe conditions is the goal of these liquid cristal filtered helmets. They turn dark automatically when the soldering ark is present. Thus, the eyes of the user are protected since the window becomes nearly completely opaque during welding. To use a solar cell here is interesting in situations where recharge and battery replacement is not convenient (public works, outside maintainance operations…)

Anti-pollution “airbag”


Those rubber bags can be inflated from a distance on request, like an airbag, in order to block up the fluids in large diameter pipes. In an industrial plant, for example a chemical factory, it is very important to be able to control the nature of the fluids rejected in the grid of pipes. In case a polluted liquid is accidentally rejected, these bags will prevent the fluids to flow outside the plant.

When the blow up control is far from any power source; the SOLEMS solar panel (see on top of the cabinet) makes it 100% independant and reliable for a moderate cost.

Pool cover automatic roll-up


A motor makes it easy to close the swiming pool cover, when needed.

With SOLEMS 24V solar modules, the 2 x 12V batteries are continously recharged. No cables to connect to the house, it is much simpler and avoids to damage the pool surroundings. Several models are avalable depending on the pool size. And the system are made in conformity with the pool security standards.

Weather stations

Station_meteoMeasure the weather parameters (temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, rain…), anticipate the meteorological events, store the data to run statisitcs …etc are the roles of these light remote weather stations, adapted to the hardest climatic conditions. Lowq consumption highly relaible sensors allow these stations to be implemented anywhere, without any grid connection , in any country in the world. SOLEMS supplies for these stations very small weatherproof 6V panels with the customer cable, and they are glued on the polyester cabinet with a silicone rubber. Also the CYCLON battery is controlled and supplied by SOLEMS.

Battery charger

CHARG2_legerCharging batteries for private use is always necessary and solar energy is a clean and enjoyable way to do so. Here some classmates have designed a compact and convenient battery charger with a SOLEMS solar cell, that can be placed on a balcony. In order to avoid overcharge, an appropriate electronic control has been added.

Parking place barrier


With this metallic barrier that goes up and down with a small motor, activated by a remote control, the parking place is maintained free for the private user. Without getting out of the car. This system also suits to administrations, hospitals, banks…

A photovoltaic module on such a system means autonomy, easy set up and permanent charge : total serenity !

Analyseur de poussières

Analyseur_de_poussieresCes stations de mesure de poussières installées au port minéralier de Nouadhibou en Mauritanie permettent de vérifier le respect des normes environnementales par l’exploitant du minerai de fer. Le port minéralier est situé sur le Cap Blanc. La plupart du temps balayé par de forts vents, il est habité par une colonie de phoques moines.

La solution solaire a été retenue compte-tenu de l’emplacement isolé des stations de mesure et de sa capacité à endurer des conditions extrêmes : atmosphère marine, vents de sables, fortes températures.